Your New Puppy

A checklist of what you will need for your new puppy & dog!.


Choose a good quality puppy food. Your puppy will stay on this food up until 18 months of age (depending on the breed). Do not feed him adult food before his time. Here’s why!

Dog Bowls

Bowls for food and water, ceramic or stainless steel are preferable. They can be easily cleaned or sterilized. Plastic dishes have been known to pinken a dogs nose.


Biscuits or small treat rewards are great for when your puppy has done something good, especially when training. Try to stay away from semi-moist treats. Most are loaded with food coloring and chemical preservatives.

Grooming Tools

A brush is a must. Slickers are great for medium to long coated dogs. The curved pins remove dead, loose fur so there is no matting or tangling. Rubber brushes or gloves are for the short haired breeds. They will remove the loose fur and disperse the natural oils from the coat. Nailclippers, toothbrush or fingerbrush and ear cleaner should also be purchased. The sooner you start using them, the easier it will be on the pet. There is nothing worse than having to check one of these areas if your pet is unruly.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Start with a mild puppy shampoo. Most are tearless and very gentle on the skin. Do not use human shampoos. They can irritate the skin. Do not bath your puppy too often. It will cuase the coat to dry out.


You have a choice of rubber, fleece, latex, vinyl or rope. Remember, they are toys, and you should keep an eye on your puppy, just in case a squeaker comes out. Kong Toys, “the standard” for dog toy performance and durability, are great. They can be stuffed with treats. “Skinneeez”, free of stuffing, are long lasting.

Collar & Leash

Inexpensive to start. Your puppy’s neck will grow quite quickly. If you use a choke chain, don’t get it too large. Be prepared to purchase a few. Leashes come in an assortment of lengths. A training lead (6′ leash) can be used for walking and basic training when your puppy reaches 4 months of age. Retractable leads, such as Flexi’s are super. It gives him a chance to investigate the world, but safely, on leash! Stay away from traffic handles and leads (12″ – 24″). They are meant for the well behaved dogs.


This is your puppy’s special place. It is not meant to be used for punishment! It is a place where he can go and rest, get away from it all. Housebreaking is that much easier with a crate. No pet likes to sleep where he does his business.

Stain & Odor Remover

A must! Make sure that the product neutralizes the odor, not just masks it. If it doesn’t, your pup will return to the area time and again. Vinegar or bleach will not do the job!!

Pet Bed

This is not a necessity! Puppies like to chew. An old blanket or pillow will do just fine until he has passed the chewing stage.

Flea Program

Start out right. Fleas are the number one cause of internal parasites. Just because you don’t see a flea, doesn’t mean they are not there. Eggs can lay in suspension for months before hatching. Protect your pet. Put a flea collar on or use a once-a-month flea control program, now available at most pet shops. Do not use any flea products on puppies under the age of six weeks or on pregnant and nursing mothers!!

Breed Specific Book

And what your puppy will need from you!


A puppy is like a child. Be firm! No means No, not maybe. Don’t punish him if you don’t catch him in the act. He will not know what he has done. Don’t make him run up and down stairs or jump. His bones are still developing. When he has done something to please you, praise him, make a fuss, reward him with a treat. Put him outside after he eats, drinks or plays. Young puppies have no control of their bladder. They just piddle! Don’t let him run with adult dogs. Socialize your puppy with people and other animals. Don’t take your puppy outside, especially in heavily trafficked areas if he has not been vaccinated. Vaccinations need 7 to 10 days to take effect. Do not feed adult dog food to a puppy.


Be patient with your new family member. You didn’t learn everything overnight, either will he. He will learn by repetition and experience.


Above all, give him love and understanding! Be firm! Do this and he will bring you happiness and pleasure through all of his life.