At Mayer’s Pet Shop, you will find a healthy selection of locally bred domestic and exotic birds. The bird room has a good selection of the most commonly kept pet birds. We have a variety of small birds from canaries, finches and budgies to smaller species of dwarf parrots. We do occasionally have parrots like Conures and Senegals. Mayer’s Pet Shop is more than happy to accomodate customers with special requests for birds.

Available Birds

    • American Budgies
    • English Budgies
    • Hand Fed English Budgies
  • American Singers
  • German Rollers
  • Mahogany
  • Red Factors
  • Grey
  • Lutino
  • Pearl
  • Hand Fed Babies
  • Bengalese
  • Zebra
  • Blue or Black Masked
  • Dutch Blue
  • Lutino
  • Peach Face
  • Hand Fed Babies
Other Birds
  • Lutino Red Rumps
  • Normal Red Rumps

Some of the bird services that Mayer’s Pet Shop provides for its’ customers include nail trimming, wing clipping, beak trimming and boarding. We have a limited amount of space but can provide boarding for your pet bird when you go on vacation. This space is on a first come first served basis. Please call the store to confirm space availability and pricing for all of our services.